Cookie Notice

Last update: 25.5.2023



We use a wide range of cookies on our website, some of which are controlled by us (first party) and some of which are controlled by other organizations (third party). Some of the cookies are considered necessary for us to be able to deliver the website to you, and others help us enhance our understanding of how you use our website as well as assist us in our marketing activities.

Under the Act on Electronic Communications Services of Finland (917/2014), we are required to obtain your consent for any use of cookies which is not considered as necessary, as well as provide you with information as to what these cookies do.

About cookies

Cookies on our website are used for a variety of different purposes, but generally speaking, their use breaks down into the following categories:

  • Necessary cookies, which are cookies required for the operation of our website. They include, for example, cookies that enable you to securely use our website.
  • Non-essential cookies, which are cookies used for business purposes and which are not considered necessary to deliver the website to you. Such cookies include statistic cookies and marketing cookies.
Your choice regarding these cookies

Necessary cookies will be placed in your web browser without your prior consent. These are being used to maintain the functionality of the website. Any non-essential cookies will only be placed in your web browser with your prior consent.

Notification of data transfers outside the EEA (including the USA)

Some of our cookies may require transferring of personal data (mainly IP addresses) outside the EEA, including the USA. When personal data is transferred outside the EEA in connection to our cookies, we aim to ensure an adequate level of data protection, e.g. by using standard contractual clauses (SCCs) issued by the European Commission and other similar arrangements.

USA is currently not subject to a data protection adequacy decision of the European Commission. This means that the transfers of personal data to USA cannot happen without implementation of additional transfer tools and safeguards. Despite our best efforts to ensure adequate level of data protection, the EU supervisory authorities might find the additional safeguards in use inadequate, which, in turn, can realize some risks for data subjects. Most importantly: (i) US-legislation may allow the US-authorities to gain an unfounded access to personal data processed in the USA, and (ii) the EU-based data subjects do not have sufficient legal remedies in the USA in connection with their personal data.

Due to legal uncertainty pertaining to data transfers to USA, we emphasize, that all data transfers outside the EEA, including the USA, shall be based on your explicit and informed consent. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Read more about your rights in our Privacy Notice.