About Us

We are specialized in providing business law services to companies focused on new emerging technologies such as Web3, cryptos and Fintech.

In recent years, the legal landscape has changed dramatically due to the constant technological advancements in various fields of business. We at Nordic law have gradually adapted to these changes, enabling us to effectively identify our clients’ relevant legal needs and take all the necessary steps to fulfil them.

As a result, we are able to provide lean and straightforward solutions to our clients and guide them through their most ambitious and ground-breaking projects. We believe that no obstacle is too great and no challenge is too difficult when it comes to new innovations – this is the message we convey to our clients.

As Finland’s go-to law firm in Web3 projects, your hurdles are our speciality, and we assure you that your aspirations are in good hands.

“Your hurdles are our specialty."

Our office, established in the 1970s, has become an integral part of the history of Finnish law firms. We are exceedingly proud of our heritage, strong and traditional expertise as well as tacit knowledge we have gathered throughout the years. Ensuring our clients’ satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we are equally passionate about your projects as you are.

We pride ourselves on having a pool of some of the best tech-savvy legal experts Finland has to offer. While working with us, you can rest assured that your matters are handled with unmatched ambition.

Based in Helsinki, we are positioned at the heart of Finnish business life.